A philosopher Nyodhino says that as long as sunlight is available patients are erring by searching for alternative treatments. Such people must focus on sun which is the fount of energy and sound health.

Lord Savita Narayan or Sun God is the focal point of nature or Prakriti. All our energy is obtained from the sun. Just as without the soul our bodies cannot exist similarly the world exist because of the sun’s presence. Just as honeybees in search of honey wander near flowers so too planet earth in search of protection of life on it revolves around the sun. The earth is verily our mother and sun is our father. Their ‘sperm’ and ‘ovum’ sustain life on earth. Solar heat helps mature bodily juices. Energy advancement,SUN BESTOWS LIFE FORCE ON PLANET EARTH Articles nourishment of bodily parts and emission of bodily wastes is dependent on this gigantic energy. So far we spoke of the body and progress and nourishment of means that sustain life. This general cycle can be seen even in the life of matter and consciousness that help in life’s sustenance.

When dire situations abound on earth sun gives us enormous help. Lord Bhaskar or Sun God possesses so much of disease destroying potential that even the most tedious illness can be overcome by its grace. One does not have to look far ahead. A farmer who tills soil remaining thirsty and hungry who rarely comes across expensive objects and who works day in and day out tirelessly yet remains in good health. Illnesses rarely confront him. Even if some illness attacks him he regains good health even without medication in a jiffy. Bang opposite to this urban population that is not exposed to sunlight in a major way but eat nourishing food along with apt rest yet off and on undergoes various illnesses. Almost 100% of them face stomach ailments, indigestion, constipation etc.

Dr Solay says that in comparison to Sun God’s healing powers none can match it. Deadly diseases like cancer which are very difficult to combat despite using radium therapy etc can be cured via appropriate solar healing therapies. For tuberculosis Dr Hernich says that from the last 30 years from about 22000 patients who took his treatment failed to overcome it satisfactorily. As a result I opted to cure them with solar healing methods. The outcome was so encouraging for the past 3 years that I can doubtlessly say that solar healing is an outstanding way to cure tuberculosis.

Dr Hongay writes that I unearthed that in diseases related to the blood like yellow hue in blood, thinness, anemia, weakening of veins, tiredness, fatigue etc solar healing methods are very successful.

A famous doctor Lady Kebo writes her experiences wherein she says that about 12 people approached me who were very weak. Their skin hung loosely and bones were a bit bent. On checking them it was noted that they were not exposed to sun light. Hence they were asked to sun bathe as much as possible. The result was that their good health spiraled up and in a short time span they were hale and hearty.

The famous philosopher Nyodhino opines that as long as sunlight is available on earth patients are erring by searching for alternative treatments. Such people must yearn to focus on that sun which is the fount of energy, beauty and sound health and with its benevolence regain sound long lasting health.

Indians are not unaware of this divine grace of Sun God. When school children erred their teachers made them stand in the hot sun as punishment. Great Yogis perform austerities under the watchful eye of the sun. The sun’s capacity to overcome illnesses has for long been researched into. Lord Savita helps overcome deadly diseases like cancer and every household knows that sunlight radiates both out inner and outer beauty. People have great faith in this fact.

Via heat of light plants, trees etc bloom on earth. Ere sunlight failed to reach earth the latter would be converted into a gigantic ball of snow and darkness. Life would thus cease to exist. Objects radiate because of sunlight and it also gives our eyes the capacity to visualize the external world. Without sunlight gloominess would take over. We may possess eyes but seeing would be impossible. Fire in our hearths and cooking range is but another form of solar light and heat. We are grateful to the sun for creating clouds which later shower rain on us.

It is solar rays that dry up wetness, dirt and muck seen on roads etc. If the sun failed to do this the world would become mucky and dirty.

Trees, plants etc do not survive merely because they get water, fertile foil etc. Apart from this it is most required that they get sunlight and wholesome air. Wind moves because of heat energy in the atmosphere. Indirectly it is the grace of sunlight that flowers, fruits etc bloom. As a result other beings exist on this planet.

Germs, poisonous bacteria etc are overcome via solar heat. Apart from soap dirty clothes dive up their smell only on getting exposed to sunlight. Fruits vegetables give us nourishment simply because they bloomed forth in the presence of sunlight. In comparison to roots the plants stem and leaves are more energy bestowing. Hence along with bread, lentils etc we eat vegetables too for proper nourishment.

Solar heat is very beneficial for birds, animals, humans etc. Those who remain unexposed to sunlight are known to fall sick more often than not. Of course one need not seek hot sun rays of noon time yet the serene sunlight at dawn/sunrise is extremely beneficial for us all. We must try and sit in wet clothes after bath in front of the rising sun. For this, 15-20 minutes is not enough. The door and windows of ones house must be such that they allow maximum sunlight to enter every nook and corner of the house. Our bedding, pillows, clothes etc should be exposed to sunlight regularly so that undesirable germs, worms etc get destroyed.

By itself sun befits all living beings and yet it is important that ones body gets properly exposed to its healing rays. If intense heat is unbearable stay away from heat but make sure to expose your body, interior of the house etc to those solar rays whose heat is endurable. Sun that is directly visible is a storehouse of heat energy. It enhances sound health. Its life force is terrific. It enters our body and makes us that much more potent. It energizes juices, blood, hormones, enzymes present in our body. Thus the body becomes powerful and attains a longer life span.

Deep thinkers of the world now are realizing the great import of solar healing and hence accrue its benefits. Colors have various characteristics. Green is cool, red is hot and yellow is good for digestion. When these 3 combine in various ways new hues result. After diagnosing an illness, via glass specific colored rays are exposed to that bodily part which is diseased. Certain specific colored glass bottles are filled with water and exposed to sunlight. This water then is par taken by the patient which is called Chromo Therapy. On the basis of data available regarding this mode of therapy we feel that Vedic Sciences can add a lot of value to solar healing. Without using too much of cash people will augment good health and thus such healing would intensify its priceless nature.

Along with Modern Science’s advancement people now realize the correlation between solar rays and good health augmenting. In this New Era in order to overcome diseases Denmark resident Dr N R Fixay used solar healing methods first in 1893 AD. Later after a decade Switzerland’s Dr Reliyar used solar rays to cure tuberculosis. He had built a solar lab for this healing. As a result of his experiments the world over people started accepting solar ray healing methods as vitally important in the field of Medicine and Therapy. In a major way those who have researched into the aspect of solar healing they maintain that UV light present in sunlight is very beneficial for all beings. No doubt technology that produce UV rays have been set up and yet it has been noted that UV rays from sunlight are more beneficial than those created from technical man made apparatus. Such technology has been designed which produce no UV rays. They create only infra-red rays and depict their prowess. Suppose no UV or infra-red rays are produced yet such technical apparatus is designed to created that give light full of medicinal healing properties. As a result we can conclude that various types of radiations are present both in sunlight and man designed technology and yet the former is more beneficial than the latter.

One must deeply analyze those human beings who work in sunlight from dawn to dusk. Compare them with those who live in urban areas and are not exposed in a major way to sunlight. Skin that is yellow and withered cannot endure heat and cold and are unable to satisfactorily emit urine, feces from the body. Of course it is not necessary for people to bask in sunlight all day long. Instead we must try and expose our body to sunlight as and when the chance arises and that too at least for 15 minutes. It is preferable to expose as much of your body as possible to sunlight. It should be remembered that the head must not be exposed to sunlight. Dieticians who try to find out ways to include vitamin D in the diet of poor people sometimes get confused. They fail to see beyond the available sources of vitamin D like milk, butter, eggs etc. They must understand that solar rays of sunrise are extremely beneficial to all and hence poor people too. For those steeped in poverty sunlight is equivalent to butter, eggs etc so as to imbibe vitamin D. In Indian schools after the 5th grade health education is bestowed on a student that goes on to the 8th grade. Children learn all this from text books. Teachers too teach them from books. Education is meant for imbibing knowledge and wisdom and not social transactions. If only we digest the fact that sunlight is very precious for world denizens our lineage would augment and also that TB cannot merely be obstructed but that it can be rooted out totally.

The sun is immensely useful in our life and for sound health. Generally it is noted that plant life and other creature live in open air. In comparison to those who are not greatly exposed to sun shine and open air they bloom more, are healthy and full of greenery.

During solar eclipse creatures are full of fear. What exactly is the reason? The answer is that the very thought of not remaining exposed to sun light makes them wistful and withered. In open air and sun shine one sees cows, calves and other creatures full of joy and zest. They experience untold pleasure. Who can we say is unaware of this fact? Those vegetables, fruits etc that grow in open sunlit air are full of precious vitamins and minerals. By par taking them our life force increases and so does our good health. Those fruits, vegetables etc that are not exposed to sun light much either do not bloom aptly and even if they grow they do not appear fresh and blooming. Those workers who work in factories, mills etc appear to do so in a prison like gloomy atmosphere. They get miniscule amounts of sun light and fresh air. Thus their bodily and mental growth is impaired. Their faces are gloomy and listless. Their health is seen to be quite poor and thus they face many illnesses and diseases. Hence it is imperative that they expose themselves to sun light and fresh air when they are not working so as to lead a joyful healthy life. If those who bathe very late in the day, do so after taking a sun bath will not get any skin diseases. If we bathe after exposure to sun light we must wipe our entire body thoroughly with a clean towel.

In our country i.e. India right since ancient times, sun is looked upon as a potent medium for good health and long life span. Thus the sun is worshipped with devotion as a demigod. The gist of all Vedas is Super Mantra Gayatri. That too is a mode of worshipping sun god and its chanting methodology involves keeping the body above the waistline naked. It means that on a naked body solar rays are thrown by sun. The pure sun bath at dawn gives us good health, joy and divine bliss. Not only does our blood get purified but that energy and zest bloom forth. The health of farmers tilling soil is n-fold better than the health of urban people who live in dark gloomy places. Who say is unaware of this fact? People living in dark rooms experience more ill health than those living in spacious airy houses. Thus they are doomed to death. It is for this reason that it is said: A doctor has to visit that household in which sunlight has no room to enter. Sir Jamesby has said: In St Petersburg those soldiers who live unexposed to sunlight die n-fold more in number than those soldiers exposed to sunlight. When epidemics of cholera, typhoid etc is rampant it is seen that those living in dark gloomy homes are more prone to contract these diseases in comparison to those residing in fresh sunlit air. Hence people who are concerned about good health and long life span should insist on residing in homes and surrounding areas that have fresh air and plenty of sunlight. Our scriptures and Ayurvedic texts eulogize vociferously the import of sunlight because innumerable diseases can be destroyed due to its benevolence. With the help of solar healing many illnesses related to Vata (wind), Pitts (bile) and Kuf (phlegm) can be destroyed and thus one can live a joyous life of 100 years. Foods that lack proper health giving elements can be replaced by exposing ourselves to sunlight and hence life bestowing principles. Apart from India nations like Iran, Egypt, Greece and Italy too worship sun god. Sun Temples were very famous in Greece that worshipped sun god. Before 2000 years Greece’s world famous doctor Hippocrates healed deadly diseases with the help of solar ray healing. Today in foreign countries solar healing has gained great moment for curing various ailments.

In order to overcome deadly diseases like cancer etc the sun’s rays of various hues are utilized for healing purposes. Diseases related to digestion, skin and muscles are cured via solar healing. There are many incidences wherein deadly TB too has been cured in this manner. Dr Reliyar prefers sun bathing methods to operations for overcoming bodily distortions. Dr Finsin too has cured many patients utilizing solar healing therapies. He opines that for all round progress of children solar rays can play a major role. When forest animals fall sick they lie down in open air with the sun beating down on their bodies. Thus they get cured. If this is the case why do human beings insist on par taking medicines that have side effect which in turn breed more diseases? Why do they not imbibe solar rays and benefit tremendously?

In comparison to the capacity of the sun bestowing health and life force to creatures that destroys diseases and darkness no other material has this capacity. Indian philosophers know this secret right since ancient times and hence look upon Sun as Almighty Lord himself. Hence in their day to day transactions and spiritual pursuits have worshipped the sun and tried to imbibe Divine Energy from it. Scientific research of today’s modern times has accepted the wondrous potent energy of the sun. First and foremost Norgon de Ween in the last stage of the 18th century conducted deep research studies and opined based on scientific data that apart from the sun none has the capacity to heal the body and psyche. Another researcher devoid of any doubt believes that solar rays possess terrific energy to destroy various germs of diseases. Other germ killers, phenyl etc do not possess this tremendous capacity. Sir Oliver Long is amazed that for progress of world health no doubt research has been conducted wherein various medicines and therapies have unfolded and yet none can compare with the power of solar healing. Such health bestowing power exists only in Sun God and over and above this it is free. It is beyond ones ken as to why it is not made use of on a gigantic scale? England’s Medical Superintendent Sir Henry Gowan while elaborating on his experiences says that those not exposed to sunlight or get very little of it are rendered insane, vile, handicapped and weak.

With reference to tuberculosis patients Sandy White in Heling Island conducted research and many other anatomists and physiologists too have experimented in this region. All this has been greatly elaborated by C E Lawrence in his books. He says that one can get direct tangible experiences of the sun’s prowess. Swelling related to TB is healed by sunlight and arthritis too benefits a great deal by it. It is very clear that TB germs are destroyed by solar rays. In this manner all transformations accrue not simply due to UV light but other important principles present in sunlight. Today deep research is being conducted on this the world over.

Dr Maverin has proof that those kids whose bones are bent is due to non exposure to sunlight and when such ailing children are exposed to sunlight amply their bones gain normalcy.

The Vedas proclaim that the sun is verily the soul of the cosmos. Material science of contemporary times is creating a Super Commentary on the above aphorism. The world’s great philosophers and seers in unison opine that none apart from the sun is the greatest doctor in the entire cosmos. But alas! O ignorant man! In the name of so called civilized behavior you do not feel the need to get exposed to sunlight. In order to regain good health you stray away from the sun while searching for apt cures.

Because of sunlight in the natural state the body receives life force and hence sound health. It is a priceless gift from Mother Nature. Where sunlight is unavailable there who ever resides or works becomes dull and yellowish in hue. Vitamin D of sunlight advances our body greatly and hence a pregnant woman should see to it that her self and the womb get enough exposure to sunlight. If women fail to imbibe sunlight their life can become very problematic.

Osteomalasia (where the bones weaken) is proof of the fact that one has not got enough exposure to solar rays. Bones and teeth do require Vitamin D for all round growth. Mere food intake does not give apt measure of it. Children fall prey to many diseases because of lack of sunlight and hence Vitamin D. As a result bones, waist and legs become frail. Muscles and bones too become very weak. Hence it is imperative that small children should be made to play in sunlight that they can endure. Wise mothers sit in sunlight to massage her baby’s body and as long as the baby can tolerate sunlight the baby is allowed to sleep in sunlight. Thus children get a lot of bodily and mental energy.

Solar rays help the body avoid dirt. It has some stupendous power that allows dirt to be thrown out via the anal region. Hence after getting exposed to solar rays bathe in cold water and thus the skin pores get cleansed thoroughly.

Those whose tasks/professions involve major use of the brain/intellect should cover their scalp with a cloth while walking in sunshine. Else heat in the brain will augment. Of course the rest of the body if exposed to sunlight will prove very beneficial. It goes without saying that hot sun of let us say noon must be avoided. During times of this practice slowly but surely the time of sunlight exposure should be increased.

So far we have discussed the gross benefits of Gayatri Meditation which is but the miracle of energy of Sun God. Just as passion manifests in the psyche so as to excite the sense organs so too when the psyche meditates on Sun God the mind bathes in the ocean of solar rays. Thus Divine Energy of Sun God manifests in the human body and psyche. Deadly diseases like cancer too have been cured via Gayatri Meditation. It has a strong scientific basis. While meditating on Sun God we imbibe sunlight the mind and soul of that devotee definitely gets sanctified. Hence Sun God not only augments bliss of this world but also that of the other world.

Not only the body but the surroundings and rooms should be open so that uninhibited solar rays pour into them. In homes where sunlight fails to get exposed there germs of diseases augment so as to attack its residents. Bang opposite to this areas exposed to sunlight there the wind too is untainted and toxic air is destroyed. In factories, mills etc where dirt and pollution is maximum there the rooms should be maximally exposed to fresh air and solar rays. Thus the solar rays can continue with their function of sanctifying those places. Mill workers working in closed areas become yellowish from the skin standpoint. They fall sick and thus work output decreases substantially.

Sunlight is indeed the very life of human beings. The sun is the vital force of creation. Without vital force life cannot sustain. Hence in order to render potent our health we must meditate methodically on solar rays which are the soul of the sun.

Solar energy cures various diseases. Life force of the body is imbibed via sun. White blood cells or WBC that destroy blood oriented diseases obtain this capacity from the sun. When we imbibe Sun God’s aura in our psyche at that time just as at sunrise birds leave their nests to travel afar so too deadly diseases ‘run’ away.

The sun protects us from germs of various diseases. The sun destroys germs of diseases invisible to the naked eye. Diseases like fever, TB, coughing etc can be destroyed by imbibing solar rays. Not only this but that solar rays destroy even those germs which could potentially manifest as diseases. At sunrise solar rays have the power to destroy various diseases. In the Vedas red solar rays are compared to red cows. Just as a cow gives healthy milk to nourish our bodies, augments bodily might, overcomes weakness in the same way red solar rays are very potent. It destroys diseases so as to make our body strong and bestows sound health. For attaining a long life span we must imbibe as much of red solar rays as possible so as to overcome diseases.

Those who wish to live a very long life should imbibe red rays at sunrise. Anemia, weakness, cough, lethargy, dirt etc can be warded off via red rays which is very easy to do so at sunrise.

Sun is said to be the Vital Force of creation. It is because of the sun that life exists on planet earth. Ere for one day even the sun were not to rise there would be utter chaos on earth. Sun light generates zest and vital force in all creatures and therefore the sun is very important for all of us. And despite this the sun is not merely a ball of fire which elicits the same due to the reactions of hydrogen and helium present in it. This is simply the sun’s material visible form. In its subtle form the sun is the controller of our thoughts, lord of all planets and a beautiful inspirer of sacred sentiments in our psyche. It is verily the soul of all creatures. Even deeper than this in its spiritual form it is the light of cosmic Purusha (God) i.e. Super Mind Light. Sun is that which gives beautiful inspirations.

Solar meditation is the root import of the spiritual aspect of Indian Culture. After realizing the mystery of the sun’s soul Lord Shri Ram destroyed the demon Ravana. Yudhishthira etc of Mahabharata fame got initiated by Muni Dhaumya regarding solar meditation and only then attained that power which made them invincible. Our rishi literature oozes with solar eulogies. In the 5th Mandal of Rig Veda (1st verse of 81st Sukta) is written ‘Mahi Devasya Savituhu Parishtuti’. It means that the cosmic eulogy of Sun God is profound.

Sun is Savita God in the form of our divine authority represented by creative solar illuminator. Savita is that which is a creator, which is eulogized as truth, which nurtures world humanity and which helps man renounce his illusory ego so as to render his soul cosmic in nature. Our revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s subtle existence has become divinely cosmic in nature and we offer this book at his hallowed feet.

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Vedic Astrology Part 27

About Astrology, the Science of Time, an indicative science which indicates events happening in the Four Dimensional Space-Time Continuum, the Eternal Continuum in which we exist, live and breathe

The Ecliptic is tenanted by 27 constellations,Vedic Astrology Part 27 Articles each one of them spread over an arc of 13 degrees 20 minutes

The Limbs of the Sidereal Zodiac Name of Constellation Deg Min Deg Min1. Beta Arietis ( Aswini ) 00 00 13 202. 41 Arietis ( Bharani ) 13 20 26 403. Eta Tauri ( Karthika ) 26 40 40 004. Alpha Tauri ( Rohini ) 40 00 53 205. Lamda Orionis ( Mrigasira ) 53 20 66 406. Alpha Orionis ( Aridra ) 66 40 80 007. Beta Geminorum ( Punarvasu ) 80 00 93 208. Delta Cancri ( Pushya ) 93 20 106 409. Alpha Cancri ( Aslesha ) 106 40 120 0010. Alpha Leonis ( Magha ) 120 00 133 2011. Delta Leonis ( Pubba ) 133 20 146 4012. Beta Leonis ( Uttara ) 146 40 160 0013. Delta Corvi ( Hasta ) 160 00 173 2014. Alpha Virginis ( Chitra ) 173 20 186 4015. Alpha Bootis ( Chothi ) 186 40 200 0016. Beta Librae ( Vishakam) 200 00 213 2017. Delta Scorpi ( Anuradha) 213 20 226 4018. Alpha Scorpi ( Jyeshta ) 226 40 240 0019. Lamda Scorpi ( Moola ) 240 00 253 2020. Delta Sagittari ( Poorvashad ) 253 20 266 4021. Delta Sagittari ( Uthrashad ) 266 40 280 0022. Alpha Aquilae ( Sravana ) 280 00 293 2023. Alpha Delphini ( Dhanishta ) 293 20 306 4024. Lamda Aquari ( Satabhisha) 306 40 320 0025. Alpha Pegasi ( Poorvabhadra) 320 00 333 2026. Alpha Andromeda ( Uttrarabhadra) 333 20 346 4027. Zeta Piscium ( Revathi ) 346 40 360 00

The Effects of being born in the 27 Constellations

Birth Constellation is the constellation where the Moon is posited in your sidereal horoscope.

The Birth Constellation is all important as it rules your destiny. The K P System of Sidereal Astrology lays prime emphasis on the Birth Constellation. Here we give the effects of being born under different constellations. ( Those who do not know their Birth Star can email to mailto:[email protected]?subject=BirthStar )

Beta Arietis : Ashwini – Aswathy

Ashwini borns are self made men even though they get help generally from others. They may be opposed by their relatives. Devotion to the Almighty, good awareness , wisdom , high IQ, high MQ are expected. Their life will be plagued by problems and sometimes they who have been an adept in budget planning find it difficult to economise. They always think about the pros and cons before taking a decision Even their wife will not be able to change them if once they decide. Great sense of responsibility they exude. They find it particular to keep everything neat and clean. Prosperous life with wife barring minor rifts. They are strong with pleasing manners. They derive happiness from children. Their administrative ability surfaces but their tolerance level is low. They have deep sympathy for people. They are tormented by unnecessary worries from boyhood. Beware of these diseases – Injury in the head – concussion in the brain- thrombosis- nose-bleed- fainting- epilepsy – dizziness- neuralgia -insomnia- meningitis- intestinal and stomach troubles. Nature – Avaricious- extravagant- dispute with brothers – fond of ornaments – two wives – service in factory or government departments. Gemstone – Wearing Cat’s Eye can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. 41 Arietis : Bharani Bharani borns are high principled even from boyhood. Knowledge comes to them automatically. They are good at analysis and their understanding is deep. They know a lot of subjects & their intellect can pierce all. They are pacifists and do not want to create problems for others. But still they will be wounded in love and many disappointing experiences manifest. They believe that duty is divine and will do well in the professional sphere. Hindrances and obstacles always come in their way and they find it difficult to act against their conscience. They may not be popular as they do not go out of the way to please people. They find it difficult to adjust to the tastes and requirements of others. They do not get dispirited and dejected in the face of adversity. This becomes a major factor for their success. Resilience after all is the major attribute. This attitude causes worries as well. They become short tempered as a result of poor tolerance. At the same time they are forgiving. Beware of these diseases – Brain troubles- headache – meningitis insomnia high fevers Nature – Aspiring – amourous – fond of sports – amusements – show display – judge – lawyer. Gemstone – Wearing Diamond can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Eta Tauri : Krittika – Karthika They will excel abroad and they undergo different types of experience. They are capable of all sorts of tricky action. They have a high sense of responsibility. They will be reputed for their skill in competitions and debates. They will not go against morality and Ethics but at the same time will enjoy and love pleasure. They will worry one problem after another. They will enjoy prosperous life with their better half. They will lack peace of mind. They are lucky to have a broadminded wife. They will come up steady in life and it is upto them to work hard and make life happier. They will have to face due share or problems on account of children. Life will be better during the second half. They are forewarned against dental problems. They can be proud of their achievements and can ignore their shortcomings. Beware of these diseases – Fevers – meningitis- brain troubles – throat troubles -nose-bleed – quinsey – gout- pimples Nature – Good health – energetic – argumentative – popular & prosperous attraction to others’ wives Gemstone – Wearing Ruby can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Alpha Tauri : Rohini – Rohini They trust people too much and this tendency is not good in a fraudulent world. They are capable of overcoming any problem but they are never systematic. They have to be careful about trusting men in business deals. They cool off fast enough even though they are systematic. They are pleased easily. They do not any financial planning. They may have to face scandals. They will earn the love and affection of their relatives. Better period turns out to be the middle and second half. They do not get the same pleasure from children. They will spend for decorative items for their better half. They are weak-minded in certain areas and the levels of tolerance and patience are low. They are capable of finding faults with others but they are harmless. Urinary problems / problems connected with lungs possible. They have to incorporate patience & perseverance. Beware of these diseases – Sore Throat – cough & cold eye-troubles ailments of legs and feet – apoplexy – menstrual trouble. Nature- Good nature – pleasant manners – fond of music art & literature- enjoys the company of opposite sex – sweet tongued – flamboyant – many sons. Gemstone – Wearing Moonstone can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Lamda Orionis : Makiryam – Mrigasira Humility is the best credential for success in life and they carry out this principle to the very end. The second half of their life span will be very comfortable . They will have professional reputation and enhancement. Pivotal role will be played by mother in their life and progress. They do not blindly believe anybody even though they respect and listen to other’s opinions. A principled life appeals to you. They will have somebody to direct and control in the early period so that the path chosen becomes the correct one. They have to understand that the real cause of progress is their life partner. Mental strength is wanting and becomes upset by triflings. They believe that cleanliness is next to godliness. Stomach problems must be kept under control. Their ego becomes a problem creator. They should curb the tendency to gossip. Beware of these diseases – Throat troubles- adenoids – fevers – nose-bleed – goitre – polypus – arms fracture – disorders of secret parts gout. Nature – Unhappy conjugal life – quick witted – fluent – magnetic -industrious and wealthy danger of accidents. Gemstone – Wearing Coral can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Alpha Orionis : Thiruvathira – Aridra A research mind and the ability to concentrate on more than one thing at a time are some of the qualities bequethed by this nodal constellation . They shine in public activities. They are cooperative and impartial. Their sincerity and honesty will pay good dividends in the long run. For their travel and staying in faraway places are favourable. They always perform far below their potential . The enemy and the hindrance for that is that they are unable to please others at any cost or bow in front of others. They feel that the satisfaction derived from their better half is below expected standards. Rifts with wife in family life even though life becomes peaceful and pleasant. Pleasure from children also becomes scarce. Medical attention is needed for blood and reproductive system. They progress well in wisdom and the gain of knowledge. They have innate ability to speculate and achieve success in speculation. Beware of these diseases – Throat troubles- mumps- gout- ear troubles- red eyes – urinary troubles. Nature – Active – fond of company of other’s wives – danger of accidents. Gemstone – Wearing Hessonite can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Beta Geminorum : – Punarvasu – Punartham They always rebel against anything unfair and untrue as they are a born gentlemen. They believe in fair play. Skill and luck combine to make them perfect artists. They tend to follow the philosophic path and give priority to respect and acceptance. Despite fiscal progress discord is rampant in the family atmosphere. They are easily pleased and irritated. They have to be careful about their words and speech. Health is good but there is an element of fear lurking around. They may be plagued by problems from children. They enjoy all the modern facilities of life. As they are born in a Jupiterian constellation there is Divine Grace and innate philosophical qualities. Jupiter gives wisdom and comfort and above all mental peace and a sense of fulfillment. Lord Rama was born in their star and all the qualities he had – viz the will to sacrifice patience purity and perseverance – they will have. Beware of these diseases – Pleurisy – bronchitis – dropsy – stomach troubles – dyspepsia – lung troubles – headache – pains in the body eye troubles. Nature – Sharp intellect- good memory – honest – sincere – reliable fond of business afraid of girls. Gemstone – Wearing Yellow Sapphire can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Delta Cancri : Pushya Pooyam They are skilled and efficient. Sometimes they work without any sense of purpose and some projects do not meet with success. They always are away from their place of domicile. They derive pleasure from travelling. They may not get much parental property. They become self made men and achieve necessary prosperity. Normally they do not get domestic happiness. They are forewarned about choosing friends. They will be misunderstood and they will misunderstand their wife as well. They are entertaining conversationalists and they can become the life of the party. They weak limb is the lungs. They have to exercise ceaseless vigilance not to jump into new ventures on their whims and fancies. They have a penchant for getting into troubled situations. They have high standards in cleanliness and dress. As they are born in a saturnine constellation they become melancholic as they reach reality levels. Beware of these diseases – Consumption- gastric ulcer- respiratory troubles- gallstones- obstruction in the bowels- jaundice- eczema pyorhea. Nature – Prudent- economical- sober- careful- attentive- troubles through children. Gemstone – Wearing Blue Sapphire can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Alpha Cancri : Ayilyam – Aslesha They are always looked at by suspicion even though they do not cheat others. They may get poor camaraderie from wife as well as pleasure from her. All that they create by hard work is not enjoyed by them. May be their children become the beneficiaries . The events that envisaged unpleasant circumstance can be forgotten as they are adepts in diverting the mind to pleasurable areas . They believe that economy is prudence and people may call them a miser. At the same time they show lavishness in many other areas. They tend to lose balance of mind when angry and tend to forget the environment as well. On certain occasions they are cool and composed. Problems are created by lack of diplomacy. They have indomitable will-power and strength of mind. Their enemies get annihilated but they can create much damage. Beware of these diseases – Stomach diseases – diseases of legs & knees -hysteria- dropsy -jaundice – neurosis. Nature – Harsh speech – witty – versatile – can imitate others – finding fault with others – jealous – clever. Gemstone – Wearing Emerald can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Alpha Leonis : Makam They are quite knowledgeable and cool and altruistic and good. They are ready to sacrifice for others and this earns them many friends as well as enemies.Their foresight is excellent and conscientious they are. High-principled and noble hearted. They are selfsufficient and their way of doing things their own way arouses envy. They are much bothered about their race and people. They are fated to face problems regarding children. Their strange personality leaves its mark on all. They are born in a nodal constellation and this makes them wise and Moksha oriented. They may get sudden flashes of intuition about the actuality of things. They will be plagued by relatives and friends who rob them much of their time. Beware of these diseases – Heart troubles – backache- gravel in kidneys fainting – spinal meningitis. Nature – Defensive – forceful – proud – unhappy conjugal life. Gemstone – Wearing Cat’s Eye can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Delta Leonis : Pooram Their straightforwardness creates enemies. They may not get the full level of progress or the full fruition of their deeds but they will not be considered as a failure. Their aesthetic sense arouses the envy of many. They prefer a peaceful life without much show and power. They are noble in all dealings and they will earn the name of a decent gentleman in society. They are destined to succeed in all that they do. Since they are not diplomatic and do not go out of the way to please people they may be confronted by many problems and obstacles. They have a big circle of friends as they are sincere and honest. Some people consider them egotistic & overconfident. They may have gas trouble & stomach related problems. A happy successful life is indicated. Marital life is good even though there may be rifts within the lute. Their love of material comforts & friends surpasses everything. Beware of these diseases – Heart troubles – diseases of legs and ankles – BP – gout – lumbago- sciatica operation. Nature – Generous – honest – cautious- fond of sweets -over sexy fond of company of other’s wives- fond of eating Gemstone – Wearing Diamond can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Beta Leonis : Uthram They are self made men blessed by many versatile qualities. They are considered lucky. They cannot curb expenditure and this takes a heavy toll of their purse. They are hedonists and pleasure seeking is their pastime. Decency and sincerity form part of their persona. They are good at heart and this earns many friends & enemies. Their levels of patience and tolerance are very low. When they get angry they lose control and forget the environment. After the spasm is over they become repentant. They are prepared to help without caring a hoot about self. Their hardwork makes them workaholics and all difficulties which they encounter are overcome by patience. They do not at all like criticism even though it is constructive. They meet all their targets in life. They are born in a solar constellation and become endowed with all the solar qualities like

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Lifestyle Diseases: An Emerging Epidemic Which Needs Urgent Attention

Lifestyle diseases (also sometimes called diseases of longevity or diseases of civilization) are diseases that appear to increase in frequency as countries become more industrialized and people live longer. Such diseases do not spread from one person to another through touch, air, food, water or sexual contacts. These diseases may develop in a person due to faulty eating and living habits. Lifestyle diseases can be prevented by small but persistent changes in lifestyle. Learn How to prevent Lifestyle disorders by Dr. Sanjiv Haribhakti.

What is a lifestyle?
A lifestyle is the pattern of living that we follow – how we work,Lifestyle Diseases: An Emerging Epidemic Which Needs Urgent Attention Articles what and when we eat, how and when we sleep, how much physical activity we do and whether we smoke or consume alcohol.

What is a disease?
A disease is a pathological condition that affects an organism, and is often associated with specific symptoms and signs. Long standing or chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity may not have symptoms or signs, but are known to cause serious complications if untreated in the long term.

What are Lifestyle diseases?
Diseases are of several types ie genetic, cancers etc, but the most common types of diseases are:
1. Communicable or Infectious diseases: develop due to spread of infections
2. Noncommunicable or Lifestyle diseases: Some diseases do not spread from one person to another through touch, air, food, water or sexual contacts. These diseases may develop in a person due to faulty eating and living habits. These diseases are called life style diseases.
Lifestyle diseases (also sometimes called diseases of longevity or diseases of civilization) are diseases that appear to increase in frequency as countries become more industrialized and people live longer.
Lifestyle or non-communicable diseases(NCD) are chronic (long term) in nature and cause dysfunction in the body and impair the quality of life. They may also lead to death. These diseases usually develop relatively over long periods. In the beginning there may not be any symptoms but after the disease sets in there may be a long period of impaired health. This leads to reduction in productivity and development of the country. As these are chronic conditions they are a financial burden for lifetime. Therefore, there is an increasing concern these days about lifestyle diseases that can be easily prevented but not cured.
Lifestyle disease potentially can be prevented by changes in diet, environment, and lifestyle.

Which are the common diseases occurring due to disturbed lifestyle?
Some of the most common lifestyle diseases include:
Type 2 diabetes
GERD & Hiatus Hernia
Dyspepsia(Indigestion), Constipation
Heart disease
Some types of cancers
Metabolic syndrome
Fatty Liver, NASH, Liver cirrhosis
Chronic renal failure
Chronic obstructive lung disease
Alzheimer’s disease

What are the factors responsible for Lifestyle diseases?
Diet and lifestyle are major factors thought to influence susceptibility to many diseases. Drug abuse, tobacco smoking, and alcohol drinking, as well as a lack of exercise may also increase the risk of developing certain diseases, especially later in life.
You must have observed that
i) More and more young people are seen smoking and drinking despite knowing the fact that these are harmful to health.
ii) Our nutritious and balanced meals are giving way to fast food and junk food, fresh fruits and vegetables are being rejected in favour of processed and packed food and soft drinks are replacing milk.
iii) We prefer to use a motorbike or car instead of walking even for short distances.
iv) More and more machines are being developed each day to reduce physical labour associated with our work.
All the above practices have led to our becoming overweight and obese. Obesity is excess body-weight than normal or ideal weight for our height. Obesity is the main underlying causes for other lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc.

The lifestyle factors associated with these diseases can be of two types
1. Modifiable (those that can be changed) like food habits, physical activity level, addiction (smoking, tobacco and alcohol) and stress.
2. Non-modifiable (those that cannot be changed) like age and heredity.

Are Lifestyle diseases on the rise in India?
The health of youth is getting affected by three factors: People are getting busier with their jobs, technology is leading to changes in sleep and lifestyle patterns, and with more disposable income health has taken a back seat as they give attention to other things. Social prosperity comes with inherent health risks. The nature of diseases too changes – emanating from depravity to excess of nutrition. In the last 25-30 years, our society has evolved and hence it is obvious that ongoing risks will also emerge.
Lifestyle diseases are on a tremendous rise in India, especially in the young productive age group. I personally see at least 4-5 young patients daily with lifestyle disease. This has inspired me to write about this problem.

Do lifestyle diseases occur only in the rich?
India is projected to experience more deaths from NCDs such as heart diseases, diabetes and cancer than any other country over the next decade. It is usually believed that such diseases are far more common among the rich, especially in developing countries like India, which still have a high burden of infectious diseases.
The poor in India don’t suffer from fewer “lifestyle diseases” than the rich — they just don’t know it. A new study shows that the actual prevalence of common non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is far higher among the poor than they report, and is as high if not higher among the poor than among the rich.
What can we learn from the experience of Western countries?
In many Western countries, people began to eat more meat, dairy products, vegetable oils, sugary foods, and alcoholic beverages during the latter half of the 20th century. People also developed sedentary lifestyles and greater rates of obesity. Rates of colorectal cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, endometrial cancer and lung cancer started increasing after this dietary change. People in developing countries, whose diets still depend largely on low-sugar starchy foods with little meat or fat have lower rates of these cancers. It is time we learn from these experiences of the west, and do not allow excessive westernization to affect our lifestyles and predispose us to more deadly lifestyle diseases.

How to prevent Lifestyle disorders?
The good news is that Lifestyle diseases can be prevented by small but persistent changes in lifestyle. For prevention of life style diseases, people need to change their habits in the direction of healthier living. You can do a lot to prevent the occurrence of lifestyle diseases.
TEN healthy tips are:-
i) Take up regular exercise like walking, yoga, dancing, aerobics or cycling one hour a day.
ii) Use stair-case instead of lift or escalator as far as you can.
iii) Take a balanced diet at proper meal times. Do not over-eat.
iv) Avoid processed and packaged foods that are rich in sugar, fats, salt and calories and low in fiber, good quality protein, minerals (iron and calcium) and vitamins.
v) Eat whole grains like cereals (wheat, whole wheat flour), millets (jowar, bajra) and avoid refined foods like maida.
vi) Eat 400 – 500 gms of seasonal fruits and vegetables in a day.
vii) Drink plenty of water.
viii) Practice yoga or meditation to avoid stress in life.
ix) Keep away from Smoking, Tobaccco and drinking alcohol.
x) Spend less time in sitting and watching television and pursue outdoor games and activities like gardening, playing a sport like football, cricket and badminton.
You can educate people around you regarding healthy lifestyle practices. It is possible to keep these diseases under control, if you make sensible alteration in your lifestyle.

What can we learn from Ayurveda for a healthy and balanced lifestyle?
Basically, a particular lifestyle of person is a cumulative product of his/her physical capacity co-ordinated with psychological functioning, displayed in the form of habits, behaviour, dietary and living pattern based on his own training sought from childhood, and mimicries he gained from his immediate companions including parents, siblings, peers, etc. Thus, it involves a pure psychological and innate control over the physical and sensory activities. When this initiation, control, and co-ordination are disturbed, it leads to the derangement of lifestyle and results in any lifestyle disorder. Ayurveda narrated this phenomenon as ‘Prajnaparadha’ (intellectual blasphemy). In the management of lifestyle diseases, Ayurveda offers various regimens including Dinacharya (daily regimen), Ritucharya (seasonal regimen), Panchakarma (five detoxification and bio-purification therapies), and Rasayana (rejuvenation) therapies. The Sadvritta (ideal routines) and Aachara Rasayana (code of conduct) are utmost important to maintain a healthy and happy psychological perspective. The inclusive utilization of all these treatment modalities has a great effect on lifestyle disorders.

What is the future prediction for Lifestyle disorders?
A report on non-communicable diseases released by the World Health Organization (WHO) recently, paints a grim picture of India. The risk of dying from a non-communicable disease (NCD) for persons aged between 30 and 70 years in India is as high as 26 per cent, according to a report released by WHO recently. What’s more, Indian males are more prone to dying of these diseases than women. The number of people suffering from the four main NCDs—heart diseases, all types of cancers, respiratory diseases and diabetes is also high. This challenges the notion that NCDs primarily occur among older adults.
The report shows that India does not have in place either a multi sectoral plan to reduce NCDs in relation with risk factors, or a proper monitoring and surveillance system. The country also lacks a national population-based cancer registry.

If one considers the global picture, developing countries show dismal performance. “Our latest data show that 85 per cent of premature deaths from NCDs occur in developing countries. The challenges presented by these diseases are enormous,” said WHO Director-General, Margaret Chan.

Thirty-eight million people die each year from the four main NCDs. Over 14 million deaths from NCDs occur between the ages of 30 and 70, of which 85 per cent are in developing countries. These premature deaths are largely preventable by governments implementing simple measures which reduce risk factors for NCDs and enable health systems to respond, says the report.

The report notes that the number of NCD deaths has increased worldwide and in every region since 2000. NCD deaths have increased the most in regions South-East Asia and Western Pacific. “UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a message. “The global epidemic of non-communicable diseases is a major and growing challenge to development.”

The international community agreed in 2011 on a Global NCD Action Plan. This plan aims to reduce the number of premature deaths from NCDs by 25 per cent by 2025, in part by addressing factors such as tobacco use, harmful use of alcohol, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity that increase people’s risk of developing these diseases.
The UN secretary-general said that “success will depend on finding new ways to strengthen the ability of countries to adopt bolder measures,” and called for strong leadership and action from governments and the private sector.

What can Government and people can do for Lifestyle diseases?
India is a young country where we are seeing an increasing number of lifestyle diseases. In the future, unless we become self-aware, these diseases are likely to increase on an exponential basis and cause an epidemic in India, and thus it needs urgent attention, not only by the government and NGO, but more importantly by people themselves, and the private healthcare organisations involved in medical care. The need of the hour is to take self-ownership of health.

Education, continuous public awareness and adopting more self-control measures in life are the only ways to manage lifestyle diseases. Meanwhile healthcare providers have a great responsibility to ensure that the best advice and treatment are provided to patients.

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