Vedic Astrology Part 27

About Astrology, the Science of Time, an indicative science which indicates events happening in the Four Dimensional Space-Time Continuum, the Eternal Continuum in which we exist, live and breathe

The Ecliptic is tenanted by 27 constellations,Vedic Astrology Part 27 Articles each one of them spread over an arc of 13 degrees 20 minutes

The Limbs of the Sidereal Zodiac Name of Constellation Deg Min Deg Min1. Beta Arietis ( Aswini ) 00 00 13 202. 41 Arietis ( Bharani ) 13 20 26 403. Eta Tauri ( Karthika ) 26 40 40 004. Alpha Tauri ( Rohini ) 40 00 53 205. Lamda Orionis ( Mrigasira ) 53 20 66 406. Alpha Orionis ( Aridra ) 66 40 80 007. Beta Geminorum ( Punarvasu ) 80 00 93 208. Delta Cancri ( Pushya ) 93 20 106 409. Alpha Cancri ( Aslesha ) 106 40 120 0010. Alpha Leonis ( Magha ) 120 00 133 2011. Delta Leonis ( Pubba ) 133 20 146 4012. Beta Leonis ( Uttara ) 146 40 160 0013. Delta Corvi ( Hasta ) 160 00 173 2014. Alpha Virginis ( Chitra ) 173 20 186 4015. Alpha Bootis ( Chothi ) 186 40 200 0016. Beta Librae ( Vishakam) 200 00 213 2017. Delta Scorpi ( Anuradha) 213 20 226 4018. Alpha Scorpi ( Jyeshta ) 226 40 240 0019. Lamda Scorpi ( Moola ) 240 00 253 2020. Delta Sagittari ( Poorvashad ) 253 20 266 4021. Delta Sagittari ( Uthrashad ) 266 40 280 0022. Alpha Aquilae ( Sravana ) 280 00 293 2023. Alpha Delphini ( Dhanishta ) 293 20 306 4024. Lamda Aquari ( Satabhisha) 306 40 320 0025. Alpha Pegasi ( Poorvabhadra) 320 00 333 2026. Alpha Andromeda ( Uttrarabhadra) 333 20 346 4027. Zeta Piscium ( Revathi ) 346 40 360 00

The Effects of being born in the 27 Constellations

Birth Constellation is the constellation where the Moon is posited in your sidereal horoscope.

The Birth Constellation is all important as it rules your destiny. The K P System of Sidereal Astrology lays prime emphasis on the Birth Constellation. Here we give the effects of being born under different constellations. ( Those who do not know their Birth Star can email to mailto:[email protected]?subject=BirthStar )

Beta Arietis : Ashwini – Aswathy

Ashwini borns are self made men even though they get help generally from others. They may be opposed by their relatives. Devotion to the Almighty, good awareness , wisdom , high IQ, high MQ are expected. Their life will be plagued by problems and sometimes they who have been an adept in budget planning find it difficult to economise. They always think about the pros and cons before taking a decision Even their wife will not be able to change them if once they decide. Great sense of responsibility they exude. They find it particular to keep everything neat and clean. Prosperous life with wife barring minor rifts. They are strong with pleasing manners. They derive happiness from children. Their administrative ability surfaces but their tolerance level is low. They have deep sympathy for people. They are tormented by unnecessary worries from boyhood. Beware of these diseases – Injury in the head – concussion in the brain- thrombosis- nose-bleed- fainting- epilepsy – dizziness- neuralgia -insomnia- meningitis- intestinal and stomach troubles. Nature – Avaricious- extravagant- dispute with brothers – fond of ornaments – two wives – service in factory or government departments. Gemstone – Wearing Cat’s Eye can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. 41 Arietis : Bharani Bharani borns are high principled even from boyhood. Knowledge comes to them automatically. They are good at analysis and their understanding is deep. They know a lot of subjects & their intellect can pierce all. They are pacifists and do not want to create problems for others. But still they will be wounded in love and many disappointing experiences manifest. They believe that duty is divine and will do well in the professional sphere. Hindrances and obstacles always come in their way and they find it difficult to act against their conscience. They may not be popular as they do not go out of the way to please people. They find it difficult to adjust to the tastes and requirements of others. They do not get dispirited and dejected in the face of adversity. This becomes a major factor for their success. Resilience after all is the major attribute. This attitude causes worries as well. They become short tempered as a result of poor tolerance. At the same time they are forgiving. Beware of these diseases – Brain troubles- headache – meningitis insomnia high fevers Nature – Aspiring – amourous – fond of sports – amusements – show display – judge – lawyer. Gemstone – Wearing Diamond can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Eta Tauri : Krittika – Karthika They will excel abroad and they undergo different types of experience. They are capable of all sorts of tricky action. They have a high sense of responsibility. They will be reputed for their skill in competitions and debates. They will not go against morality and Ethics but at the same time will enjoy and love pleasure. They will worry one problem after another. They will enjoy prosperous life with their better half. They will lack peace of mind. They are lucky to have a broadminded wife. They will come up steady in life and it is upto them to work hard and make life happier. They will have to face due share or problems on account of children. Life will be better during the second half. They are forewarned against dental problems. They can be proud of their achievements and can ignore their shortcomings. Beware of these diseases – Fevers – meningitis- brain troubles – throat troubles -nose-bleed – quinsey – gout- pimples Nature – Good health – energetic – argumentative – popular & prosperous attraction to others’ wives Gemstone – Wearing Ruby can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Alpha Tauri : Rohini – Rohini They trust people too much and this tendency is not good in a fraudulent world. They are capable of overcoming any problem but they are never systematic. They have to be careful about trusting men in business deals. They cool off fast enough even though they are systematic. They are pleased easily. They do not any financial planning. They may have to face scandals. They will earn the love and affection of their relatives. Better period turns out to be the middle and second half. They do not get the same pleasure from children. They will spend for decorative items for their better half. They are weak-minded in certain areas and the levels of tolerance and patience are low. They are capable of finding faults with others but they are harmless. Urinary problems / problems connected with lungs possible. They have to incorporate patience & perseverance. Beware of these diseases – Sore Throat – cough & cold eye-troubles ailments of legs and feet – apoplexy – menstrual trouble. Nature- Good nature – pleasant manners – fond of music art & literature- enjoys the company of opposite sex – sweet tongued – flamboyant – many sons. Gemstone – Wearing Moonstone can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Lamda Orionis : Makiryam – Mrigasira Humility is the best credential for success in life and they carry out this principle to the very end. The second half of their life span will be very comfortable . They will have professional reputation and enhancement. Pivotal role will be played by mother in their life and progress. They do not blindly believe anybody even though they respect and listen to other’s opinions. A principled life appeals to you. They will have somebody to direct and control in the early period so that the path chosen becomes the correct one. They have to understand that the real cause of progress is their life partner. Mental strength is wanting and becomes upset by triflings. They believe that cleanliness is next to godliness. Stomach problems must be kept under control. Their ego becomes a problem creator. They should curb the tendency to gossip. Beware of these diseases – Throat troubles- adenoids – fevers – nose-bleed – goitre – polypus – arms fracture – disorders of secret parts gout. Nature – Unhappy conjugal life – quick witted – fluent – magnetic -industrious and wealthy danger of accidents. Gemstone – Wearing Coral can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Alpha Orionis : Thiruvathira – Aridra A research mind and the ability to concentrate on more than one thing at a time are some of the qualities bequethed by this nodal constellation . They shine in public activities. They are cooperative and impartial. Their sincerity and honesty will pay good dividends in the long run. For their travel and staying in faraway places are favourable. They always perform far below their potential . The enemy and the hindrance for that is that they are unable to please others at any cost or bow in front of others. They feel that the satisfaction derived from their better half is below expected standards. Rifts with wife in family life even though life becomes peaceful and pleasant. Pleasure from children also becomes scarce. Medical attention is needed for blood and reproductive system. They progress well in wisdom and the gain of knowledge. They have innate ability to speculate and achieve success in speculation. Beware of these diseases – Throat troubles- mumps- gout- ear troubles- red eyes – urinary troubles. Nature – Active – fond of company of other’s wives – danger of accidents. Gemstone – Wearing Hessonite can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Beta Geminorum : – Punarvasu – Punartham They always rebel against anything unfair and untrue as they are a born gentlemen. They believe in fair play. Skill and luck combine to make them perfect artists. They tend to follow the philosophic path and give priority to respect and acceptance. Despite fiscal progress discord is rampant in the family atmosphere. They are easily pleased and irritated. They have to be careful about their words and speech. Health is good but there is an element of fear lurking around. They may be plagued by problems from children. They enjoy all the modern facilities of life. As they are born in a Jupiterian constellation there is Divine Grace and innate philosophical qualities. Jupiter gives wisdom and comfort and above all mental peace and a sense of fulfillment. Lord Rama was born in their star and all the qualities he had – viz the will to sacrifice patience purity and perseverance – they will have. Beware of these diseases – Pleurisy – bronchitis – dropsy – stomach troubles – dyspepsia – lung troubles – headache – pains in the body eye troubles. Nature – Sharp intellect- good memory – honest – sincere – reliable fond of business afraid of girls. Gemstone – Wearing Yellow Sapphire can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Delta Cancri : Pushya Pooyam They are skilled and efficient. Sometimes they work without any sense of purpose and some projects do not meet with success. They always are away from their place of domicile. They derive pleasure from travelling. They may not get much parental property. They become self made men and achieve necessary prosperity. Normally they do not get domestic happiness. They are forewarned about choosing friends. They will be misunderstood and they will misunderstand their wife as well. They are entertaining conversationalists and they can become the life of the party. They weak limb is the lungs. They have to exercise ceaseless vigilance not to jump into new ventures on their whims and fancies. They have a penchant for getting into troubled situations. They have high standards in cleanliness and dress. As they are born in a saturnine constellation they become melancholic as they reach reality levels. Beware of these diseases – Consumption- gastric ulcer- respiratory troubles- gallstones- obstruction in the bowels- jaundice- eczema pyorhea. Nature – Prudent- economical- sober- careful- attentive- troubles through children. Gemstone – Wearing Blue Sapphire can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Alpha Cancri : Ayilyam – Aslesha They are always looked at by suspicion even though they do not cheat others. They may get poor camaraderie from wife as well as pleasure from her. All that they create by hard work is not enjoyed by them. May be their children become the beneficiaries . The events that envisaged unpleasant circumstance can be forgotten as they are adepts in diverting the mind to pleasurable areas . They believe that economy is prudence and people may call them a miser. At the same time they show lavishness in many other areas. They tend to lose balance of mind when angry and tend to forget the environment as well. On certain occasions they are cool and composed. Problems are created by lack of diplomacy. They have indomitable will-power and strength of mind. Their enemies get annihilated but they can create much damage. Beware of these diseases – Stomach diseases – diseases of legs & knees -hysteria- dropsy -jaundice – neurosis. Nature – Harsh speech – witty – versatile – can imitate others – finding fault with others – jealous – clever. Gemstone – Wearing Emerald can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Alpha Leonis : Makam They are quite knowledgeable and cool and altruistic and good. They are ready to sacrifice for others and this earns them many friends as well as enemies.Their foresight is excellent and conscientious they are. High-principled and noble hearted. They are selfsufficient and their way of doing things their own way arouses envy. They are much bothered about their race and people. They are fated to face problems regarding children. Their strange personality leaves its mark on all. They are born in a nodal constellation and this makes them wise and Moksha oriented. They may get sudden flashes of intuition about the actuality of things. They will be plagued by relatives and friends who rob them much of their time. Beware of these diseases – Heart troubles – backache- gravel in kidneys fainting – spinal meningitis. Nature – Defensive – forceful – proud – unhappy conjugal life. Gemstone – Wearing Cat’s Eye can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Delta Leonis : Pooram Their straightforwardness creates enemies. They may not get the full level of progress or the full fruition of their deeds but they will not be considered as a failure. Their aesthetic sense arouses the envy of many. They prefer a peaceful life without much show and power. They are noble in all dealings and they will earn the name of a decent gentleman in society. They are destined to succeed in all that they do. Since they are not diplomatic and do not go out of the way to please people they may be confronted by many problems and obstacles. They have a big circle of friends as they are sincere and honest. Some people consider them egotistic & overconfident. They may have gas trouble & stomach related problems. A happy successful life is indicated. Marital life is good even though there may be rifts within the lute. Their love of material comforts & friends surpasses everything. Beware of these diseases – Heart troubles – diseases of legs and ankles – BP – gout – lumbago- sciatica operation. Nature – Generous – honest – cautious- fond of sweets -over sexy fond of company of other’s wives- fond of eating Gemstone – Wearing Diamond can fortify the birth constellational lord and this will make them more fortunate. Beta Leonis : Uthram They are self made men blessed by many versatile qualities. They are considered lucky. They cannot curb expenditure and this takes a heavy toll of their purse. They are hedonists and pleasure seeking is their pastime. Decency and sincerity form part of their persona. They are good at heart and this earns many friends & enemies. Their levels of patience and tolerance are very low. When they get angry they lose control and forget the environment. After the spasm is over they become repentant. They are prepared to help without caring a hoot about self. Their hardwork makes them workaholics and all difficulties which they encounter are overcome by patience. They do not at all like criticism even though it is constructive. They meet all their targets in life. They are born in a solar constellation and become endowed with all the solar qualities like

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